Upcoming Video Series on Nonbinary Issues

Hello everyone,

it’s been a while and this blog’s content is a little different from usual, but I’m starting a youtube series on my experiences as a nonbinary person on their way to getting testosterone.

I just uploaded my first entry:

 Nonbinary Transition

so check that out if you are interested. As I’m making part of my transition a public issue, you can of course ask me related questions and I’ll try to answer them appropriately.

Footnote: I do study philosophy, but social constructivism or gender studies are not my main focus and my insight in the interdisciplinary field of gender and sex research is too minimal to offer you an expert opinion. However, I obviously have a unique access to the issue and I am able to address the topic making use of my not completely unrelated educational background, so yeah… I’ll try my best.

Have a good day!