Studying philosophy…

… is a daring life decision. At least that’s what people say when they hear about my one and only subject at university. Alongside “hmm’s” and “ah’s”  and awkward silences that used to bother me, but amuse me today. This is usually either followed by a quick change of topic or the question of what I want to do with an education like that.img_8882


And that’s where this blog comes into play. I chose to start my masters degree in philosophy to contribute to the creation of successful scientific theories about the behavior and cognition of humans and other species. I want to work and think in and with an interdisciplinary team of scientists from many different fields and learn about communication and its basic modules, instances of social intelligence and empathy. I also aim to support the cause of social justice by sharing my own and others’ theories and ideas about (social) epistemology.

Therefore, this blog will mostly contain philosophical ideas, arguments, and discussions that caught my interest and might spark yours as well.

There will also be a personal section where I post self-written poetry and maybe also some drawings so check those out and tell me what you think!